Sun-drenched mangoes, bananas, pineapples, and papayas harmoniously join in one pack of juicy fruit mix all in one Nuty Nuty Tropical Mix filled to the brim with fresh fruit cubes and slices erfect for your fruit bowls and snacks!
This delightful blend is a carefully crated mix of the finest quality of fresh fruits preserved to ensure that every bite is bursting with the essence of the tropics. Our dedication to quality extends beyond sourcing; we employ the innovative IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) process for our frozen fruit mix and a meticulous drying technique for our dried version, guaranteeing that each piece retains its peak freshness, vibrant color, and full flavor profile.

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Dried Tropical Fruits

Dried Tropical Delight Our dried tropical fruit mix takes indulgence to a new level. Carefully crafted using a process designed to preserve the fruit's natural nutrients, this delicious mix concentrates the vitamins and minerals of each ingredient, making it a healthy and convenient snack option.

Frozen Tropical Fruits

Taste the pure essence of the tropics no matter the season! Our tropical fruit mix starts with the best possible ingredients, expertly sourced from ethical and organic farms throughout the Philippines. These sun-kissed fruits are meticulously hand-picked and frozen using the innovative IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) process. This state-of-the-art technology ensures each piece of fruit is frozen individually, locking in its peak freshness, flavor, and vibrant color. Blend it into a smoothie for a refreshing morning boost, add it to your favorite yogurt for a healthy snack, or simply enjoy it as a frozen treat on a hot day. But the magic doesn't stop there! Let's take your taste buds on a truly tropical adventure with thistempting recipe

Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.2g1.00%
--Unsaturated Fat0.5g---
Vitamin C53.6mg58.96%
Vitamin A2,410 IU48.20%
Vitamin E0.54mg3.60%