Embrace your adventurous side and fall in love with the mighty “Tropical Egg” which is the Passion Fruit! Sourced from the fertile Land of the Ascending Dragons, the golden-orange fruit pulp inside the egg-shaped fruit is a blend of sweet and slightly tangy harmonies sure to brighten and level up your drinks and savory dishes! Contrary to the dark brown or black color of the passion fruit seed included in the pulp, you will find that these tiny round nuggets of goodness add a delightful textural contrast to the smooth, velvety flesh, creating a sensory experience that’s both exciting and familiar. Passion fruits have been a popular staple in fruit drinks, tea, ice cream and many other desserts in Western and Asian cultures. This golden delight has even made its way to many savory dishes as a marinade or a saucy innovation! The possibility is endless for this delightfully sweet fruit.

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Frozen Passion Fruits

Sensational Tropical Surprise! Discover the sensational sweetness of the passion fruit with Nuty Nuty Philippines 100% pure and organic passion fruit pulp. Experience a beautiful balance of the sweet velvety pulp and bursting seeds that add a unique nutty flavor to your drinks and dishes. Whether you add to cocktails, coffee, milk team, shakes, and desserts for its sweetness, or use it as an adventurous marinade for lamb and turn it to a sauce - the passion fruit pulp will surely be a sensational twist to your recipes!

Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.06g0.30%
--Unsaturated Fat0.09g---
Vitamin C9.0mg10.00%
Vitamin A100.0 IU2.00%