Nuty Nuty Philippines brings you the tropical behemoth that hails from the fertile farms of of Davao straight to your tables. Purchase and devour the irresistible sweetness and unique aroma of the Philippines’ most beloved Jackfruit!
Enjoy this island treasure in three ways: fresh, chilled, and frozen, ensuring you can savor its juicy goodness no matter the season. The mighty jackfruit is not only insanely delicious, it is also packed with vitamins and minerals that give numerous health benefits for you. Read more and discover the versatility and many wonders of the Davao jackfruitys by Nuty nuty Philippines!

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Frozen Jackfruit

Brilliantly Frozen & Chilled Let's start with the crown jewel: Nuty Nuty Philippines' Chilled Jackfruit. Sliced and expertly packed in 500g packs, these vibrant golden-yellow beauties boast a delightfully crisp texture and a sweetness that dances on your tongue. We handpick them at peak ripeness, then chill them gently, locking in that fresh-from-the-orchard taste and extending their shelf life to a tantalizing 2 weeks. Another quick and easy dose of delicious vitamin packed goodness is our Nuty Nuty Frozen Jackfruit. We employ the cutting-edge IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) process, flash-freezing each chunk at peak ripeness to preserve the vibrant color, fresh-picked flavor, and all-natural goodness. Our 500g packs ensure convenient portion control and endless culinary possibilities. From smoothies and baked goods to tropical cocktails and ice creams, the frozen jackfruit world is your oyster. Whether you choose the fresh-faced charm of our Chilled Jackfruit or the year-round convenience of our Frozen wonders, Nuty Nuty Philippines guarantees a jackfruit experience that's bursting with flavor, packed with nutrients, and sure to ignite your culinary creativity. Dive into the Nuty Nuty Philippines treasure trove and savor the taste of the tropics, one bite at a time!

Fresh Jackfruit

Tropical Behemoth Be greeted by radiating golden chunks of sweet flesh with an unmistakable aroma the moment you open a piece of fresh jackfruit. Do not be intimidated by the size and outer appearance of this tropical delight, for what lies inside are blissfully juicy and sweet flesh with hints of citrus flavor. Jackfruits are an enormous part o Filipino cuisine - often used for preserves, halo-halo toppings, or as a creative meat substitute for savory dishes like curry and ginataan. You’ll be sure to find endless possibilities to enjoy this mighty tropical behemoth.

Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.1g0.50%
--Unsaturated Fat0.5g---
Vitamin C19.7mg21.89%
Vitamin B60.44mg0.60%