Adorned with vibrant scales resembling a mythical creature, this exotic delight holds within its flesh a treasure trove of sweetness and refreshing goodness. Add to fruit smoothies, fruit bowls and platters, this mysterious tropical delight is sure to conquer your palate. Expertly cultivated and sourced in the nutrient-rich lands of Zamboanga and Davao regions down South. Nuty Nuty Philippines’ partners use traditional, organic, yet innovative techniques to cultivate the white and red varieties of this enigmatic tropical treat.

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Frozen Dragon Fruits

Delectable and Versatile Using Individual Quick Freezing or IQF process, the mystical dragon fruits are made available all-year-round for those who have ventured the taste and loved the texture of the dragon fruit! No need to peel and slice, readily available for your convenience at every Nuty Nuty stall on every partner supermarkets in Pampanga!

Fresh Dragon fruit

Tropical Enigma With its striking scales and vibrant hues, ranging from fiery red to soft pink, the dragon fruit commands attention and sparks curiosity. The freshest and sweetest dragon fruits especially ones from Nuty Nuty Philippines are usually harvested From May to October. The vibrant red flesh of these mysterious fruits are perfect whether enjoyed fresh or on smoothies or salads. Here is a guide to choose the best tasting and most vibrant dragon fruit: 1.CHECK THE COLOR: Ripe dragon fruit should have a uniformly vibrant color, whether it's red, pink, or yellow. Avoid fruits with dull or uneven coloration. 2.INSPECT THE SKIN: The skin of a ripe dragon fruit should be smooth and slightly soft, but not mushy. Avoid fruits with blemishes, wrinkles, or excessive dryness. 3.TEST THE FIRMNESS: Gently press your finger into the skin of the dragon fruit. It should yield slightly to pressure, similar to an avocado. Avoid fruits that are too hard or too soft. After choosing the best dragon fruit, especially from Nuty Nuty, cut the top and bottom part of the fruit and then ;lighly sore across to peel and reveal the vibrant red or white flesh. Enjoy the subtle sweetness and unique texture with your beloved!

Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.04g0.20%
--Unsaturated Fat0.11g---
Vitamin C9.0mg10.00%
Vitamin E2.3mg15.33%