Nuty Nuty Philippines invites you to experience a taste bud odyssey with the Queen of the Tropics herself: the Davao Mangosteen. Imagine peeling back the velvety purple skin to reveal a precious pearly white flesh; a royal masterpiece of flavor that dances on your palate with hints of citrus, vanilla, and subtle floral notes. The creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture adds another layer of luxury, making you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret orchard nestled amidst the sun-drenched paradise of Davao. The mangosteen is renowned for its bountiful health benefits and herbal uses in Southeast Asian cultures. The fruit is rich with vitamins and antioxidants that proves that the Mangosteen is rightfully the Queen of tropical fruits.

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Fresh Mangosteen

Burst of Tangy-sweet flavors The pineapple's harvest season in typically spans from July to October, with peak production occurring in August and September. During this time, the plantations come alive with a vibrant display of green and yellow hues, showcasing the bounty of this delicious fruit. Our close relationships with local farmers ensure a steady supply of these nutritional gems throughout the season. Not all mangosteens are created equal. Fear not, fruit explorer! Here's your royal guide to choosing the perfect Davao mangosteen: 1. Color: Deep purple, almost like royalty draped in velvet. Avoid reddish hues – they're not quite ripe yet. 2. Feel: Firm yet slightly yielding to gentle pressure. Avoid mushy fruits – they've overstayed their welcome. 3. Stem: Green and supple, not brown or dried. A dry stem points to a tired fruit. 4. Rind: Free of blemishes and punctures. Imperfections can mean internal damage. 5. Aroma: A subtle, sweet fragrance. No pungent smell – that's a sign of trouble. At Nuty Nuty Philippines, we source our Davao mangosteens with meticulous care, ensuring only the ripest, freshest fruits reach your plate. We meticulously pack them and transport them with love, guaranteeing their queenly arrival.

Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.1g0.50%
--Unsaturated Fat0.2g---
Vitamin C20.7mg23.00%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.05mg3.85%