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Share and partake in the culture of giving with the Nuty Nuty Philippines fresh Pomelos! As delicious as they are, pomelos are a kind of cultural icon in Davao that celebrates the generosity and camaraderie of people by sharing a freshly picked pomelo. To perfectly choose and peel these green tropical gems, here is a guide to follow:
• Color: Look for a vibrant yellow rind, devoid of green patches. A greenish hue indicates an unripe fruit.
• Firmness: Gently press the pomelo. It should have a slight give, but not feel mushy. Excessive softness can signal overripeness.
• Weight: Pick up a few pomelos of similar size. The heavier one is likely to have thicker, juicier flesh.
• Stem: Choose a pomelo with a green, flexible stem. A dry, brown stem suggests the fruit has been sitting for too long.
• Aroma: A light, citrusy fragrance is a good sign. Avoid pomelos with a pungent smell, which might indicate rot.
After choosing the perfectly ripe pomelo, wash the fruit thoroughly and wipe with a clean towel to prepare for peeling.
1. se a sharp knife to score the rind vertically from top to bottom, making sure not to cut through the flesh.
2. Repeat the scoring around the entire pomelo, leaving about 1-inch sections between the cuts.
3. Gently peel away the scored rind sections, like pulling apart segments of an orange.3. Discard the rind and enjoy the sweet, juicy flesh!
Be sure to go to the nearest Nuty Nuty Partner Supermarket to get the freshest and perfectly ripened Davao pomelos anytime!

Storage Conditions
Shelf Life

14 days




New Citrus King
The bright red pulpy flesh of pomelos contain more vitamin C than oranges, making them a delicious green topical gem that boosts immunity. Although these Davao pomelos are extremely sweet and succulent, they are relatively low in calories and sugar contents, proof that these are a refreshing and healthy snack option perfect to sharing love! Additionally, pomelos are a good source of folate, important for pregnant women and fetal development.

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.1g0.50%
--Unsaturated Fat0.1g---
Vitamin C70.9mg78.78%
Vitamin B9 (Folate)13.μg3.25%

Additional information
Shelf Life

14 days



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Fresh PomeloAverage weightPulp Yield
Small500g - 1 kg50%-60%
Medium1.1 kg - 2 kg60%-70%
Large2.1 kg - 3.5 kg60%-70%

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