Fresh Durian

Delightfully Fresh and Creamy
The King of fruits is most commonly enjoyed fresh with because of its delightfully soft and creamy flesh with bitter-sweet flavor and unique aroma. Each piece weighs around 2.5-6kgs and yields up to 1.5 kgs of flesh depending on the size. To fully appreciate the glorious taste of these Golden nuggets of fruit, follow these simple preparation steps:
1. Choose the Right Durian: Go to the Nuty Nuty partner supermarkets or order from the to select a durian that is heavy and firm, with vibrant yellow skin and slightly pliable spikes.
2. Cleanse the Durian: Use a clean cloth to gently wipe the durian’s exterior, removing any dirt or impurities.
3. Crack Open the Durian: Carefully cut along the durian’s seam, revealing the velvety flesh within.
4. Remove the Durian Segments: Use your fingers to gently pry apart the durian segments, extracting the creamy flesh.
5. Savor the Durian: Enjoy the Golden Puyat durian’s rich, creamy texture and symphony of flavors.

Storage Conditions
Shelf Life

4-10 days




This exotic fruit, known as the “King of Fruits,” lives up to its name with its unique flavor and impressive nutritional profile. Golden Puyat durian is a powerhouse of B vitamins, essential for energy production and cognitive function, ensuring you stay sharp and energized throughout the day. Its richness in potassium contributes to healthy blood pressure and nerve function, while the abundance of manganese supports strong bones and healthy metabolism.

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat1.6g13.00%
--Unsaturated Fat3.7g---
Vitamin C22.4mg24.89%
Vitamin B60.4mg30.77%

Additional information
Shelf Life

4-10 days



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Shipping & Delivery
Average weight

Fresh DurianAverage weightPulp Yield
Small1.2 kg - 2 kg±350g
Medium2.1 kg - 3 kg±600g
Large3.1 kg - 6 kg±1.1 kg

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