Fresh Carabao Mangoes

Nature’s Sweetest indulgence
The quintessential way to experience Carabao mangoes is in their fresh, unadulterated form. Simply slice into their golden flesh, scoop out the segments, and let the symphony of flavors dance on your tongue. Enjoy them as a snack, incorporate them into salads and fruit platters, or blend them into refreshing smoothies. In Selecting the perfect mangoes, here is a checklist guide to always get the freshest, and sweetest mangoes:
1.APPEARANCE: Look for mangoes with a firm, smooth skin that is free of blemishes or bruises. The color should be a deep golden yellow or slightly greenish-yellow. Avoid mangoes with wrinkled or dull skin, as these may be overripe or past their prime.
2.Aroma: Ripe carabao mangoes should have a sweet, fragrant aroma that intensifies when gently pressed. If the mango has no scent or a sour or fermented smell, it’s likely underripe or overripe.
3.Softness: Gently squeeze the mango towards the stem end. A ripe mango should yield slightly to pressure but should not feel mushy or too hard.
4.Stem: The stem of a ripe mango should be slightly dry and brown. Avoid mangoes with green or fresh stems, as they may not be fully ripe yet.

For even easier selection, go to the enarest Nuty Nuty Stalls in the ;local supermarkets where the freshest and sweetest carabao mangoes are kept in stock all day, everyday!

Storage Conditions
Shelf Life

4-7 days




Apart from their sweet and succulent flavor, Carabao Mangoes also boasts an array of vitamins and health benefits proving to be a powerhouse of nutrients! They are a rich source of Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and help collagen production. The fruit has a healthy dose of Potassium for heart health, as well as magnesium and fiber. Additionally, Carabao mangoes are packed with Vitamin A, crucial for healthy vision and cell growth.

NutrientAmount (per 100g)%DV
--Saturated Fat0.03g0.15%
--Unsaturated Fat0.12g---
Vitamin C36.4mg40.44%
Vitamin A41 IU0.82%

Additional information
Shelf Life

4-7 days



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